How is Adam DAngelo to work with

Adam D'Angelo Net Worth: Adam D'Angelo is an American engineer and developer who has a net worth of $600 million dollars. A graduate of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Adam D'Angelo first rose to prominence as Chief Technology Officer of Facebook. While in college, he took part in the Association for Computing Machinery collegiate world programming contest and the international Topcoder Collegiate Challenge, in which he was one of the top 24 finalists in 2005. Meanwhile, he joined early Facebook staff and served as company's CTO and Vice President of Engineering for approximately three years. In 2008, D'Angelo left Facebook. The same year, he and another ex-Facebook employee, Charlie Cheever, founded Quora in June 2009. It is a question-and-answer website that enables users to create, edit and organize its content. Quora's users are also required to register their real names rather than a screen name, but on the other side, are allowed to link their accounts to their Twitter and Facebook. Quora was made public in June of 2010. Today, the community is used by some celebs including Justin Trudeau and Ashton Kutcher, while its contributors are the brightest people in technology like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Case, Marc Andreesen, Fred Wilson and Jimmy Wales.