How intelligent is Kobe Bryant


we all know kobe has a double-edged sword aspect to him. you can argue to what degree it hurts/helps his team, but all substantial evidence (wins, rings, stats, etc.) points toward his approach as being effective. it isnt that hard to make him look like a chucking asshole by focusing on certain stats/situations, but there's a reason why basically all of the all-time greats have huge respect for him as a player, and larry bird says he'd like to play with kobe instead of lebron, and MJ said he was the best, etc.

would it be smart for 99.9% of other players to play like kobe? no. because they couldnt, and they'd be horribly, detrimentally inefficient if they tried (monta ellis?).

the one thing people ignore too much, still, is his shitty defense for the past, what, 4 or so seasons? it really hasnt been until this season that prominent analysts would actually come out and say that he's a major liability on defense.

even now, laker fans love to ignore that problem of his. my favorite is when they bitch about nash's defense holding back the lakers back court defense without mentioning kobe.

i still know people who say "kobe is a better one on one defender than lebron" lol