How good is the Korean drama Healer

Do you love some action, romance, and medical thrown into a drama? Then you will probably be obsessed with Doctor Stranger throughout all 20 episodes! This series isn't as typical as some Korean dramas are. You will understand that once you know the plot.

I think Doctor Stranger has a unique storyline to it. Its plot is understandable, intriguing, and sufficient. I recommend this series to anyone who is interested in medical dramas. But I certainly don't recommend it to people who don't like blood. Don´t expect the series to feature many heart-fluttering scenes! With that said, it made me cry and kept me wanting to binge watch the whole series.

Park Hoon, a young lad from South Korea, gets kidnapped by North Korea. He is not alone as he is with his world-famous surgeon father Park Cheol, who was brought to North Korea to operate on the "Dear Leader" dictator. Even though the patient is doing better, father and son can´t return home easily. Park Hoon grows up in North Korea, training to become a doctor by his father. He soon falls deeply in love with a beautiful girl, but North Korea puts a target on his back. You need to watch this drama and discover how Park Hoon will escape the country, and whether he will succeed in the search for his first love!