How do you protect your aura

The more work we do to reach the light the more protection is needed: protection from negative energies, thought forms, entities, psychic attacks, dark spells, psychic vampires, danger situations.

Before going further I need to mentioned that I have noticed quite a few people suffering from a mild form of paranoia which is based on fear.

For example fear of a psychic attack will create more damage then the actual attack.

Instead of falling for victim ("they're doing it to me") state of mind, use the warrior state of mind: "Yes I am being attacked but i know how to handle this situation and I am always succesful."

First acknowledge the source or attack/darkness.

It is important, specially at the beginning of your awakening process.

Second if the attacker persists then it’s time to respond by boosting (sending energy) to the attacker/source. Boosting is nothing else then grounding/centering yourself and send high vibrational thoughts of Love and Healing to the source of attack.

It is important to work with energy consciously, without ignore it.

It might not be easy at the beginning of your awakening.
And Yes Awakening can be painful!
But we all need to go through it to grow and become powerful in our energetic fields.

My strong suggestion for people who just started on the spiritual journey to start being aware of their energy field (aura) and work on protecting it.

After work done on protection for a while you will automatically become protected as your heart stays open and you operate from LOVE and not fear.

It is important for the energy sensitive people (empaths) to keep their vibrations high
and work on keeping their aura balanced.

A lot of sensitive people experience exhaustion when going out in the crowds.

That’s because sensitive people’s chakras are more open then the average people.
There are many people out there who are very low in energy and they will unconsciously
absorb from your charged aura, draining your energy.

Not to sound fearful but some of them are actually trained to do that, while some are unaware.
You must be responsible of your energy field and give away the energy when you want and to whom you want.

Become channel/vessel of energy, allowing the energy flowing thru you to the hungry energy people, if you consider they deserve it, otherwise your reserves will be depleted.

Part of your protection involves clearing your aura and chakras regularly, taking etheric showers or baths, meditating, keeping yourself grounded, cutting cords, removing implants, bugs and dark entities, dealing with negative feelings, fear, anxiety.


Many people are empaths (picking up others feelings) a wonderful ability but can harm you if you don’t know how to use it in positive ways.

Filtering the energy is usually a better protection tool than a shield.

When using a shield, the beneficial energies might not reach your aura, so be wise in choosing your protection.

I prefer a filter so I can select the energies. But when doing “dangerous work” of course a shield would be more appropriate and after the work is finished an etheric shower is necessary, as well as washing your hands physically, breaking the connection with the one you worked on.

Use protective stones. Clean your crystals and stones before using them, specially dark ones.