How do you neutralize alkaline water

You may have seen social media set ablaze with a new trend where people drink alkaline water, claiming that it has a number of benefits from slowing down the aging process to weight loss and preventing type 2 diabetes. So, is there something to this craze or is it just another fad doomed to fade into history? 

Believe it or not, there’s more to alkalized water than initially meets the eye. While it isn’t a cure-all, learning how to make alkaline water and adding it into your diet can help your body in surprising ways. Here’s everything you need to know.

To better understand how body acid is neutralized, it helps to have a quick refresher on the pH scale. The scale runs from zero to fourteen. Anything above seven is considered alkaline, or base, while anything under seven is acidic. Most alkaline waters have a pH of eight or nine. 

These pH levels change based on the number of hydrogen ions present in the mix, with pH standing for potential hydrogen. It’s important to note that base liquids on this scale are different from anything labeled alkaline, too. Alkaline solutions refer to the minerals added to a liquid, like salt or metals. 

Your body also falls into this scale, maintaining a 7.4 pH balance in your bloodstream. Internal organs like the kidneys, liver, and even the lungs help to regulate your body’s acidity. Your stomach, on the other hand, maintains a low pH level to digest food. 

So, the idea behind Alkaline Water is that it can neutralize the acidity level in your body, effectively raising your pH levels. There’s a lot of debate in the medical industry as to whether or not drinking alkaline water has any proven benefits, but research is still underway.

The Science

One interesting study found that any alkaline water over pH eight could effectively kill a stomach enzyme known as pepsin, which is often responsible for acid reflux. By coating the tissues of your throat and esophagus (simply by drinking), symptoms of acid reflux are effectively reduced. 

Another study showed that whole blood viscosity could be improved after drinking water with a higher pH level. In 100 patients, blood viscosity was lowered by an average of 6.3% compared to the 3.36% decrease when drinking regular water. 

One of the first studies released on the subject suggested that diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure could be managed more easily when drinking alkaline water. These findings were merely suggestions, however. 

Public Testimony

While most health professionals are still waiting on thorough research, supporters of alkaline water are already shouting its benefits from the rooftop. The leading theory is that drinking alkaline water to reduce your body’s acidity can fight off acidosis, which leads to various health complications. 

Most individuals start an alkaline diet to combat acidity, which is a little more complicated than just drinking alkaline water. The diet involves a massive intake of fruits, vegetables, and nuts that are considered alkalizing to the body. It also cuts out alcohol, and limits refined sugars as well as meat and dairy.

The combination of these alkalizing efforts fights off acid reflux, help individuals lose weight, and can even lower your risk for chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes. Bone and skin health can also improve when pumping up your alkaline intake.

In reality, very few people need to neutralize their body acid. However, there are some illnesses and issues that alkaline water can help with. 

For starters, higher alkalinity means an increased level of hydration. If you’re highly active daily, then you can benefit from alkaline water’s simpler absorption into the body.  This hyper-rehydration trick is an excellent way to start your morning, too. 

Acidity in the body can lower your immune system, inviting a host of environmental bacteria and toxins into your system. By neutralizing those acids, you’re helping your immune system stand a fighting chance. This is especially beneficial during cold and flu season. 

To make water alkaline, minerals need to be added to the mixture. These include magnesium and calcium, an excellent combination for improving bone health. Whether you regularly exercise or simply have weaker bones from aging, this is an enormous help. 

Antioxidants are another compound added to alkaline water. Not only are these great for your cardiovascular health, but they also help the body’s cells fight off free radicals. Many believe that limiting the number of free radicals in your body effectively slows down the aging process. 

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see how this alkalized water trend is quickly gaining popularity. Adding one bottle a day to your diet is a safe way to try this phenomenon out for yourself, but is there a more frugal way to start drinking water with a higher pH level?

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