How do tigers ingest their food

In the wild Tigers will feed in the main on the meat of their prey but will also eat some of the internal organs, stomach contents as well as skin and bone. Within a zoo to offer something like this to tigers is not just natural but is life enriching as well.

Sadly some zoos will look on giving bone or hide to their tigers as enrichment rather than established routine. Other collections will actually pluck chickens before they feed them to their tigers and so deny their animals not just the activity of plucking them for themselves but the actvity as well.

One or two zoos deviate from the norm and will feed larger food items and not offer food again for several days. Whereas this may be more 'natural' there are few, if any benefits to such systems.

Professional Zoo Keepers will regularly pick suitable grasses for their Tigers and make this available. In the same way that a domestic cat will eat grass to help it cough up fur balls and small pieces of bone Tigers like to do the same. Even if tigers may be held in grass enclosures it is best to bring 'untainted' grass from elsewhere.

Tigers which are used to a diet of beef are likely to turn up their noses when given something different like mutton or goat. They will eat it but it may take them a few days to get round to it.