How do shopkeepers lose their customers

Making the Customer Feel Cheated

If you need an absolute never-fail way of ensuring that a customer never darkens your literal or figurative doorway again, this is it – because this is the one thing that a customer will never forgive.

Customers will make excuses for you – to a point.

Shoddy service? You were having an off day.

No return call? You’re really busy.

A rip-off? We’re done! (And you might be hearing from my lawyer!)

Now obviously, legitimate business people do not go around deliberately trying to cheat their customers.

But you have to be careful to avoid the possible perception that your business is trying to take advantage of customers too. Sales techniques such as upselling may be viewed this way by the customer, so before you use them, consider their potential effect; they might not be suitable for your industry.

Customers’ perceptions of prices are probably the main source of sour feelings about their transactions. All customers are not seeking bargains, but they all expect prices to be fair.

For instance, if a customer selects an item to purchase on Tuesday that you know going to go on sale the next day, you or your staff should point that out to them, leaving the customer to decide whether they want to buy the item today at its full price or tomorrow at a discount. If you don’t, that customer is going to feel mistreated.

And the customer that feels taken advantage of is the one you won’t see tomorrow.

Remember, the true secret of good customer service is that there is no secret. Offer quality goods and services at a fair price and treat customers the way you would like to be treated and those who do business with you will come back again and again.