How crazy is your next door neighbour

11. Park your car in their parking spot. If they say something just break out into Britney Spears song, "Oops, I Did It Again."

12. B-ball it up. Set up a basketball hoop in your driveway and play b-ball at all hours of the day and night. Dribble the ball as often as you want!

13. Place a telescope near your window. Have it peeking through the curtains. Be sure your neighbor is aware of it. You are officially a "peeping tom."

14. Weed your yard in your swimsuit or your birthday suit. Most people can't pull this off. There is a woman in my neighborhood who mows her lawn in heels and jeans in 90-degree temps; I'll never understand that.

15. Roast a pig in a backyard pit. Be sure the wind is blowing in the direction of your neighbors' open windows. The more smoke the better. Also, you can get a similar effect from having a massive bonfire in your backyard.

16. Place a trail of sugar to your neighbors front porch! The ants will appreciate it, your neighbors won't.

17. Plant a Weeping Willow tree in your yard, but close to your neighbor's property. Watch your neighbor weep as they try to escape the cascading willows to find their way home.

18. Use their garden hose to fill your swimming pool and then have a pool party and invite them.

19. If they have a sprinkler system, redirect their sprinkler heads to water your lawn.