How cool is the Canadian Prime Minister

Appointment of the Prime Minister by the Governor General

Whenever a federal election is held or the previous prime minister resigns, dies, or is dismissed, the Governor General of Canada (as the Queen's representative) selects the person best able to command the support of a majority of members of the House of Commons, and appoints that person as prime minister. Normally, the Governor General's decision is clear when a party is elected to the House with a majority of seats (the party's leader becomes prime minister); however, when no party is elected with a clear majority, the viceroy/vicereine has some discretion. Although the leader of the party with the most seats is generally given preference, another Prime Minister may be appointed if it is believed that the leader of the party with the most seats would be incapable of governing.
the leader of the party that has the most elected seats in government after a general election becomes the Prime Minister.

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