How can one get expertise in PHP

A few days back, I was watching one movie “Ratatouille”. I saw a rat cooking like a professional chef. I was totally shocked that how a small rat become a professional chef? At the same time, I realize that if a small rate becomes a professional chef than any PHP beginner may also become a better PHP Programmer but the question is how? The answer I get was very simple a few basic steps, by following it any PHP beginner can become an expert PHP developer. This article is all about to become an expert in PHP Programming.

In the above picture, a rat has to wear a tall hat of “Professional Chef” on his head in the same way to become a PHP Expert you first need to wear a same kind of hat. A hat of tall words “I am professional PHP programmer”.

Why do you need a hat of the professional PHP programmer? What are the advantages of it?

By wearing a hat of Professional PHP Programmer, you are accepting that you are the Expert PHP Developer. It will automatically boost your self-confidence in PHP Programming. Also, To become an expert in PHP Programming, self-learning and confidence is the main key.

We all know that a person with high level of self-confidence in any area, whether it is the sport, entertainment or programming, can do better than others and the ratio of success will be very high. So, it is not a normal hat. It is a golden hat that makes your life “Golden spoon in mouth”.

Let’s say somebody asks you to prepare a dish of “Gajar Ka Halwa“. The first picture that comes to your mind is a bowl full of Gajar Ka Halwa with some dry fruits.

1. Prepare a recipe in your mind first

Cook Gajar Ka Halwa in your mind first before start cooking it physically on your gas stove.

Let’s say you are planning to develop a new module in PHP Programming. The first important step that you take, visualize the flow of the new PHP module in your mind first before starting its real implementation. Prepare a list of questions that comes to your mind during the visualization. Use below sample 5W.

  1. What is the basic need of the new module?
  2. What are the advantages of developing a new module?
  3. Who is going to use this module?
  4. What are the necessary programming technologies that I have to learn?
  5. What is the time-line for new module development?

Always, try to get the answer of above 5 What it will help you a lot during the real implementation of your programming module.

2. Collect required resources

Collect the required items like Ghee, Sugar, Carrot, Almonds, Keshu, elaichi with an appropriate quantity for the preparation of Gajar Ka Halwa.

The same way, collect the required technical resources and put them in the common place.

3. Divide the whole task in piece of small task

Divide the whole process of making Gajar Ka Halwa into a piece of the small subprocess.

The same way, divide your whole module to a small task and complete them one by one.

4. Add some dry fruits

Adding a dry fruit in a dish of Gajar Ka Halwa will make it more delicious.

The same way, always try to learn, experiments, some advance tools, and techniques to generate a user’s interest in your module.

5. Make presentation stronger

Let’s say you have prepared a nice dish of Gajar Ka Halwa and you did not present it properly, then it will effect on your success as well as popularity. Presentation plays a vital role in defining the things clearly whatever you will present should be neat and clean.

The same way while writing a code always use proper indentation, code commenting wherever required that makes your code more professional.

6. Serve it with Gratitude

After spending hours of time in preparation of Gajar Ka Halwa, if you do not serve it properly to your family and friends, then might be they will not taste even your Halwa. What does it indicate? You have made your efforts, zero because of improper serve.

The same way, after putting lots of efforts behind the development of the new module, if you do not serve it properly to the client than it makes all your efforts to zero.

7. Get comments and feedback

After successful completion of Gajar Ka Halwa, it’s time to get feedback from your friend and family. Why are you required comments and feedbacks? The answer is very simple to improve recipe of Gajar Ka Halwa.

Take a feedback from your friends, senior developer and programming experts after the successful development of your new module. Note down all the comments of PHP experts and experiments with it.

8. Practise it more and more

We all have heard the sentences “Practice makes man perfect“. How will it be applicable in cooking a dish of Gajar Ka Halwa? Preparing same dish more times will automatically build a self-confidence and perfection in your dish.

The same way, do more and more practice to write a better code that will boost your self-confidence.

9. Wait for some time and success is yours

Don’t rush, nobody gets success within one or two days. Wait for some time and follow the same process again and again after a few days you can see, people love your work they try to get feedback from you…mamu tumahari to nikal padi…

Hope these steps give you a clear understanding to become an expert in PHP Programming.What do you think about these steps? Is this helpful? Let me know in the comments below! Like this post? Don’t forget to share it!