How can I work for IBM

Hi Dear

According to bluemix doc, I created an app with node.js for learning SSO service. But it can not work.

Below list was path list I implemented, in face I pasted source from above doc into app.





And I bind a sso service with app and created Cloud Directory as New Identity Source. I also set Return-to URL with /auth/sso/callback and set enable on checkbox.

But when I access /hello , ie had been redirected to below url.≻ope=openid%20openid

and reported below issue:

CWOAU0062E: The OAuth service provider could not redirect the request because the redirect URI was not valid. Contact your system administrator to resolve the problem.

I am sure that path "/auth/sso/callback" is right.

In additional, I found redirect_uri is always first value I set even I recreated another app and recreated another sso service.It will always keep old value.

Could anybody give some hint for this issue?

Thank you in advance!