How can humans live without love

  • 3 generations of my family got divorced, I grew up witnessing the yelling, the door slamming and the divorces followed by endless trash talk.

    The only reason the women were there was to get money, homes, cars and everything done for them, then take 1/2 of everything. "Love" was little more than a con-game to rope the guy in to the legal paperwork...Aka marriage license. (A drivers...Drive you crazy license). After the smoke cleared from the cheating and divorces...The endless hate talk went on for decades to the grave. I never saw any real love at all, just using people for money. I'm 50 and have been alone all my life, too scared to fall into the same hell. The only chance is to marry outside the race and nationality where good values still exist. Never here for the above feminist man destroying reasons. Never met anyone in 35 years...High school to present...No love at home growing up either. "Love" is the ultimate mind f*ck, BS con-game. It's a lie.

  • God, I really wish I could pick your brains a bit.

    As for the people who believe life without love is impossible, I'll take a guess(and bet on) the fact that it's because you simply don't know any better, or never fell into that kind of situation when you'd actually have to question it in detail. So I like to pick your brains about the other aspects of life. As for the people who DO think it's possible, I've noticed that your arguments all contain dark/depressing thoughts without actually going into detail about how life would be different. It intrigues me that so many people actually took the time to questions things for themselves rather than come up with some excuse not to.(like "It's only human to love.") but what intrigues me even more; is that so many, if not all who said it is possible, mention something about pain, death, or nexus. Such cold thoughts.(I like that btw) Anyway yea, I'd like to pick your brains, as for my own opinion on this matter, people try to find love as a replacement for finding a reason to live. I myself gave up on love and wish to die alone where no one will mourn my death, and I'm contempt with that, because I have a reason to live. I can admit, life before finding that reason was hell, but to live life for a specific person also doesn't sound like a life worth living to me either. Mmm, what else to say? Eh, I forgot what I was thinking. Can't wait to see what others think of this though

  • Love is ridiculous.

    There is no love. There is only the darkness and the searing, searing pain. Love is simply the human way of denying the fact that all of us die alone. But the darkness is there, and in the end we all die alone. Embrace the darkness. The end is inevitable.

  • Yes i do

    Hate will always prevail, No matter how power your love is for each other. Soon it will fade away like the sun as it turn to dark. I truly believe with hate. You can always get through life without someone dragging you down. Love is just a burden. I want to be left with Hate.

  • Yes you can.

    Love is a superficial thing humans create to find "happiness" in life. A person can definitely live without love, what does love bring you? Problems, sadness, misery,.. Why love if all it does is cause sadness in the end. I personally believe love doesn't exist so living without it can't be impossible!

  • Its Absolutely Possible

    Neither parent carried the capability to love, friends have not always been so trustworthy & love interest seemed as fickle as the weather.

    After a good realization of my personal path of reality (49yrs.), I learned to soak up the good stuff that life has to offer & not expect what society paints a picture of what one should be entitled to. I dedicate myself fully in my work, home projects and make sure to spread joy throughout my day. I enjoy being a happy soul, life's to short otherwise.

  • Love is not real

    Though there are many types of 'love' in the word, most of them are lies. It is human nature to make ourselves believe that we have love for another but this is just for procreation purposes. I say that even love is just a façade, it does exist but its more like drugs than anything else; people have this illusion to make themselves feel good but I know that if you stay away from love you'll be used to it and so I do believe that you can survive without love.

  • Of course you can live without love

    The fact is, millions, perhaps even hundreds of millions of people live without love, especially if by "love" is meant romantic or erotic love. If you love yourself, that is, if you treat yourself with kindness and compassion, that goes a long way towards satisfying the craving for love. So I guess it all depends on what is meant by "love". Ie, can you live without the love of another human being? For sure? Though I sure do miss my canine companion of 14 years.

  • Some of us Have no Choice

    I live. I breathe. I dont love. Is it painful? Yes. Is it lonely? Yes. But i have 2 little girls, they are the single most important thing to me. More important than romantic love of another human being. Im in a position where no love is possible, its my own fault. But the only way out would hurt them, and i will never choose to hurt my children.

  • Live without love

    I live without love and affection from people but I love the trees and the clear sky's and freedom of life and to do things that make me happy you can live without love of others love yourself love what you can do enjoy this living experience be free and live in peace.