Has anyone been cured of Bartonella

I'll respond first to the answer before mine:

If Lyme disease was easy to cure, then why is it there are so many people with chronic lyme? Why do I know so many people on IV antibiotics who are still not better, months later? Why do so many people, once they come off IV antibiotics, relapse?

While I'm open to you information, it's not congruent with what I'm seeing with many cases. I'm seeing many folks who are going to really good doctors and not getting better.


1) You're looking at one component of the disease that is easily treated.

2) Maybe in the body, spirochetes are able to hide away in places that don't have as much blood flow.

3) Maybe as you say, the coinfections are what are hard to treat.

In my experience, many cases of lyme are easily treated by antibiotics. On the other hand, many cases are not.

So it depends on the person, their immune system, their infectious load, etc.

It's not like there is one tool that is a cure all for everybody.

There are many powerful tools, but some work better than others for individual people. Examples of helpful treatments are rotation antbiotics, Rife machines, colloidal silver, salt-c protocol, immune response training, and vitamin supplementation.

I had chronic lyme, undiagnosed for several years. I treated it with holistic means, and am 90% better at this point. I've found great help from Rife therapy, salt-c, vitamin supplementation, detoxing, exercise, not stressing my body, herbs, and heat therapy such as saunas.

I'm seeing a naturopath who specializes with Lyme to help me go the last 10%.

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