Does Home Depot rent out paint sprayers

Regarded as the largest home improvement retailer in the United States of America, Home Depot has almost forty years of experience in the construction supplies industry. Customers can shop online or in-store from categories ranging from appliances, faucets, and décor to building materials, flooring, heating, cooling, lighting and more. The retailer also has a Home Depot equipment rental department that is highly sought after in the United States and the neighboring countries it operates in.

Why Choose Home Depot Equipment Rental?

So, why should you choose HomeDepot rentals instead of purchasing the equipment to own for good? In most cases, complex projects require equally complex pieces of equipment, many of which are highly expensive. With HomeDepot rental you do not have to spend a small fortune on the tools you need to complete your projects. In addition to this, a Home Depot Rent Center offers constant assistance for customers who choose the store in their area.

If you are planning to build a house, improve or remodel your present home or garden, or carry out some heavy duty cleaning, Home Depot Equipment Rental is certainly a recommendation you can count on, as they rent anything from small tools to large machinery. Discover everything you need to know about Home Depot Equipment Rental in the guide below.

Types of Home Depot Equipment Rental Services

The Home Depot Equipment Rental Catalogue contains 16 categories. Each of these categories meets requirements for various specific fields of construction, repair or home remodeling activity. All of these categories were created so you can spend less money on equipment and more on the materials you actually need to take your project to completion.

1. Cutting & Concrete

For cutting and concrete tool rental, you can visit your local Home Depot store, or you can check out the Home Depot concrete equipment rental online inventory. The chainsaw rental Home Depot offers is just a small part of the entire cutting and concrete equipment available. The retailer supplies equipment for:

  • cement or concrete pouring – bull floats, electric cement mixers or concrete vibrators;
  • concrete cutting equipment – 12”, 14”, 16” and 18” concrete saws;
  • saws – paver saws, table saws, jamb saws, electric jig saws and more;
  • tile cutting tools – tile rollers, saws, and cutters;
  • mixers – electric cement mixers, towable cement mixers, towable mortar mixers;
  • concrete working tools: bull floats, concrete vibrators;
  • core drills: small and large core drills;
  • grinders: mini grinders, grinders, and concrete grinders;

2. Demolition

In some cases, you have to clear an area of the old in order to make way for the new. For demolition purposes, the tool rental Home Depot offers will help you get the job done safely. Professional demolitions require professional demolition tools like those you can rent from Home Depot Tool Rental Center:

  • jackhammers – Home Depot Equipment Rental offers PRO breakers, breakers, and small breakers;
  • demolition hammers – at 11 pounds, 20 pounds or 27 pounds, as well as an easy hammer cart;
  • rotary hammers – 1”, 1 ½” and 2” varieties;
  • breakers – small, medium and pro breakers;
  • general demolition equipment – compact floor strippers, pro floor strippers, and 36” bolt cutters.

3. Fastening & Welding

The variety of rent tools Home Depot supplies also includes the fields of fastening and welding. According to the equipment you need for your project, you can choose from:

  • compressors – electric air compressor or gas air compressor;
  • flooring nailers and general nail gun rental – air cleat nailer, air floor nailer, manual floor nailer and air floor staplers 15.5 / 20 gauge;
  • framing or finish nailers – powder actuated tools, air framing nailers, air finish nailers, all-purpose coil nailers and more;
  • roofing nailers – air coil roofing nailers, air crown staplers;
  • welders or welder/generators.

4. Floor Care & Sanding

The Home Depot Floor Sander Rental department also contains various pieces of equipment you can use for floor and carpet care. Instead of calling a specialist to come to your home to do the job, you can do it yourself with rental equipment for:

  • carpet care – carpet power stretchers, carpet staplers, carpet kickers, carpet seamers, carpet kits and carpet cleaners;
  • installing or removing flooring – air cleat nailers, air floor staplers or floor strippers, floor sanders, floor polishers, floor edgers, vacuums (wet or dry), floor installation tools;
  • grinders and planers;
  • sanding – belt sanders, palm sanders, orbit sanders or drum floor sanders;
  • surface care – coating removing tools, concrete prep tools, floor maintainers, floor polishers, hard surface cleaners or hex pin surface prep systems.

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5. General Construction

All of your power tool rental needs will be met with Home Depot tools rental. Aside from tools rental, they also offer equipment rentals, all for general construction purposes. The selection has a wide range of tools:

  • core drills – large core drills or core drill rigs;
  • drills – cordless impact drivers, hammer drills or mud mixing drills;
  • compactors – vibratory plate compactors and jumping jacks;
  • exterior maintenance – aluminum brakes, hot water pressure washers, electric pressure washers and surface cleaners;
  • dust control vacuums;
  • power tools: bolt clutters, drills and drivers, handheld sanders, levels, planners, saws, handheld grinders;
  • rotary laser level kits.

6. Ladders & Scaffolding

Sometimes your construction projects require reaching certain heights to complete. For that, the Home Depot ladder rental department of the Home Depot Rental Tools center is the place to go. You can rent a ladder according to heights, like 10’, 12’ or 14’ fiberglass stepladders, 24’, 26’, 28’ or 32’ extension ladders (fiberglass or aluminum) or interior scaffolds.

7. Large Equipment

For heavy duty equipment rental, Home Depot works with Compact Power Rents. This means that Home Depot dolly rental and other large towable equipment can be rented from Compact at certain Home Depot stores. The rental equipment for large projects varies, depending on the nature of the project. Their machine rental services cover:

  • tractor loader backhoes;
  • earthmoving equipment: mini-excavators, skid steers, trenchers;
  • aerial equipment: boom lifts, scissor lifts, one-man lifts;
  • skid steers;
  • chipper shredders;
  • mini-excavators;
  • trenchers;
  • large and small dump trailers;
  • stump grinders and more.

They also have special equipment rental offers, like getting four days free if you rent equipment for three days.

8. Lawn & Garden

If you want to rent a tiller or are looking for leaf vacuum rental or lawn vacuum rental, the lawn and garden department is where to fulfill your needs. At Home Depot you can rent the following lawn and garden equipment:

  • blowers and cleanup equipment – wheelbarrows, backpack blowers or walk behind blowers;
  • digging tools – one or two-man augers or trenchers;
  • sod and grass equipment – sod cutters, bed shapers, aerators, over seeders, power rakes or lawn rollers;
  • tillers;
  • tree maintenance tools – log splitters, hedge trimmers, chippers, chainsaws, power pruners or stump grinders;
  • trimming and mowing equipment – brush hogs, brush cutters, string trimmers, lawn mowers, lawn edgers or electric hedge trimmers.

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9. Moving and Lifting Equipment Rental Services

If you are working on a big project with large materials, you will need support for loading and moving them to designated areas. For that, Home Depot Equipment Rental offers moving equipment rentals:

  • loading ramps;
  • hand trucks;
  • appliance dollies;
  • pallet jacks;
  • trailers;
  • 450-pound material lifts.

As well as Home Depot trailer rental services (channel frame trailers, solid wall trailers or lawn and garden trailers).

10. Painting & Walls

Home improvement projects frequently involve repainting walls to refresh the environment of the house. You can rent a tool for these purposes at Home Depot by accessing the “Painting & Walls” section of their website. You will find:

  • drywall and wallpaper equipment – drywall sanders, drywall lifts, electric wallpaper steamers;
  • paint sprayers;
  • texture sprayers.

11. Plumbing & Pumps

Home Depot tool rentals also cover pumps and plumbing needs. They have a wide variety of drain cleaner and plumbing tool rentals available:

  • drain cleaning – auto feed or manual drain cleaners;
  • plumbing tools – multi-head crimper sets, ratchet soil pipe cutters, pipe threaders;
  • pumps – gas trash pumps, submersible pumps, or roofer pumps.

12. Power, Heat & Light

Every construction site requires sources of power, heat and light to function properly. And the Home Depot rental equipment center offers exactly what you need. Aside from Home Depot generator rental services (2000 Watt, 3000 Watt and 6500 Watt generators), HomeDepot tool rental also includes heating and power equipment like:

  • kerosene heaters – 70,000 BTU or 150,000-200,000 BTU;
  • thermal cameras;
  • cellulose insulation blowers.
  • power equipment tools: bolt cutters, drills and drivers, handheld sanders, levels, planers, saws, handheld grinders

13. Restoration & Remediation

Home Depot rental tools also include restoration and remediation equipment. That means that you can rent tools like:

  • blowers – compact carpet blowers, carpet blowers, pro carpet blowers or carpet extractors with heaters;
  • dryers;
  • dehumidifiers;
  • environmental tools;
  • pumps;
  • floor cleaners;
  • vacuums;
  • air remediation equipment – 18 or 29 g/day dehumidifiers or mold foggers.

14. Tool Repair

In addition to Home Depot tool rental, you can also benefit from tool repair services. Contact your local Home Depot tools supplier to find out more about what tools you can repair and how much the services cost.

15. Truck Rental

One of the most popular services here is the Home Depot Pickup Truck rental and Home Depot Van rental center. You can rent a truck from Home Depot to safely and securely transport your construction materials, with the help of reliable tool trucks. There are Rent a Truck Home Depot centers all across the United States. So all you have to do is enter your zip code or city and state to find the nearest rent truck Home Depot services near you using the store locator.

16. Used Tools

The Home Depot rent tools department has branched out for selling used tools. As a result, this is an excellent service for those who require certain tools for a longer period of time, but do not possess the necessary budget to purchase them new. The tools available are the ones that have been used for rentals. But they are all in great condition and offered at competitive prices.

How to Use the Home Depot Equipment Rental Services

If your aim is to find “tool rentals near me”, you can discover all of the Home Depot locations in your area by using their website. To find the nearest rent center, all you have to do is access the Store Finder tool. Then, type in your address and choose your search radius to see all the rental stores in your city.

With more than 2,200 locations across the nation, it is almost impossible to not find a Home Depot store nearby. They are at roughly a few tens of miles from where you are. The Store Finder tool also shows every Home Depot location in your area. So you can choose from various rental centers according to your needs. To find out Home Depot rental rates, you must individually contact the rent center to ask for a price list or request a quote.

Average Home Depot Equipment Rental Prices and Offers

Aside from Home Depot rental hours, one of the most sought-after pieces of information is the Home Depot truck rental prices. There is also a Home Depot truck rental price list available for each center. But the costs vary, according to location, supply and demand. To get a general idea, the Home Depot truck rental costs for around one hour of use are approximately $20.

So if you are interested in finding out how much is Home Depot truck rental in your city, use the Store Finder tool we mentioned above. Contact the closest Home Depot near you and ask for their rent center prices. Also, most Home Depot stores offer a printed price list at their location. So you can stop by, see them face to face and rent a truck directly.

Like in the case of truck rentals, a universal Home Depot tool rental price list does not exist. However, you have the opportunity of accessing the quotes from each location on the Home Depot website. After you find out what store is the closest to you, also click on an individual product for rent and choose the store from a drop-down list for rental pricing. After that, you will see the Home Depot tool rental price list for that specific store. Many stores offer a rent center price list on location, as well as Home Depot tool rental hours. To access the Home Depot rental price list for the closest store to you, visit it directly or contact their customer support department by telephone.

Home Depot Equipment Rental Services FAQ

These are the most searched for questions and issues regarding the Home Depot Equipment Rental Services:

  • Can I request installation or measurement services? Yes, you can. Simply visit the Home Depot Rentals main page and browse the Home Services section to find all the details you need. Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out for yourself if the equipment you want to rent or buy would be a right fit for your home or project space. Which is precisely why this service has been created.
  • How do I make payments or check up on those already made? To schedule, make, or manage payments, you should visit the Credit Center page and choose the most suitable option from the list there. Every payment program is quite flexible, precisely for allowing you to have the best-suited plan for your project.
  • How do I check the status of an order? For follow-up purposes, it’s best that you place all your orders through the online system, while logged into your account. Therefore, you can easily keep track of every order you place and their status. You can do this through your personal details saved online. Just go to the Order Status Page and then log into My Account. Every information you want should be visible then.

For a detailed list of FAQs and their answers, you can check out Home Depot’s own FAQ resource page.

Home Depot Equipment Rental Services Reviews

The reviews earned by Home Depot Equipment Rental are mostly positive. With at least a minimum rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars everywhere we researched. Clients who have recently worked with the company are reporting a very friendly and professional demeanor of the employees there. And the only type of issues reported were things like a client feeling disappointed when finding out they must pay extra for having the equipment installed by a Home Depot team, etc. This, however, is standard practice in the business. So we haven’t really found anything to report as a minus for the Home Depot Equipment Rental services so far.


We think the range of services offered by Home Depot Equipment Rental is well-developed and sustained. And that the company’s initiative to extend its services this way was a great idea. We have nothing to report as less than satisfactory about the company’s services. So we wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in need of any type of equipment, products and services for home and garden. If you’ve ever used the Home Depot Equipment Rental services, please share your experience in the comments below!