Does Adobe Photoshop need a graphics card

CSMR wrote:

bmoag wrote:
A sort of different opinion:
Current Intel graphics are sort of OK up to 2800 resolution but no farther. If you ever want to run a 4k display you will need a middling graphics card with preferably 4gb of VRAM. CS2 will not look very good no matter what you do on a 4k display though.

Intel has a wide range of integrated graphics. I think Iris Plus/Pro graphics will do fine with 4k, although I don't have a 4k screen to test on.

Just because they are integrated and available with processors and just because they can display 4K does not mean they are going to perform better. They do not have dedicated memory, it is shared from system RAM. Also their compute power for processing graphics for games or application is pretty limited. Check these links below, one is with my Intel HD Graphics 530 on my laptop, and the other is GTX 970M on my laptop.

That is almost a 400% increase in graphics compute power.