Do you have a childish face

You're 14. You don't need a bf right need to grow up and mature before you should even think about all this drama. In regard to your childish face...keep it (what are you going to do otherwise), embrace it, and appreciate that if you're young looking at 14 you'll be young looking when you get older...and believe me, that is a very good thing. Now go do your homework, and get ready for finals. Do group things with your friends, and appreciate everything you have. TC

Edit...I stand by my answer. You are too young for a bf, especially what you claim to need right now...and that is really a friend. It's not fair to any boy to be a bf to a girl who really needs something a father figure, or maybe a professional counselor. You really need to go to your mother. She might be going through this too, but she is still your mother, and it's her job to either help you or find someone who can. Sorry, Dear Heart, but that's the way I see it.