Do girls also like fast bowling

I have had other experiences with older men at this point in my life. However this one in particular, sticks out as one of my most memorable.

I had been 18 for all of 3 weeks at this point. I hadn't moved out yet but I had been given quite a bit more freedom than I had been used to. Unfortunately, I didn't live in a very interesting town. There wasn't that much to do. There was a theater. Yawn. There was an 18 and up nightclub. But there was only really one night a week that was any fun. And there was a bowling alley. I don't bowl. Not really. I can throw the ball. But I have no way of knowing ahead of time if it's going to be a gutter ball or a strike. I have absolutely NO skill. So I spent my time hanging out with friends at the little tables or in the restaurant.

I knew a few of the regulars. For the most part, they were all pretty nice. But one in particular always seemed to notice me. He would smile. Greet me by name. On occasion I'd get a hug. I'll call him �Jeff�. Every once in a while my friends and I would get a pizza sent to our table. �Courtesy of Jeff, ladies!� the wait staff would say.

Jeff was tall. Quiet. Like he was always thinking about something deep. Strong. Late 40s. You could tell he worked out but he didn't overdo it. He had soft blue eyes and silvery hair were rapidly overtaking the brown. His cologne was faint. I'm pretty sure it was Drakkar Noir. But it was intoxicating. Jeff was divorced. He never really said why and I never felt right asking. I could overhear him talking to his bowling buddies, every once in a while, about how he didn't know how to date anymore. And they'd joke that he just needed to get laid. And he would sheepishly agree with them.

This would make me feel bad for him and I'd flirt extra hard. If only to make him look good in front of his friends. I'd stop by and coo �hiii Jeeeeff!� and give him a hug. Sometimes.. rarely.. but sometimes I'd go plop down on his lap and give him a huge hug. He seemed to take it all as good fun. But. after a while.. I kinda got the feeling he wanted something more. I was very attracted to Jeff. But I didn't think he'd ever just come out and say if he was attracted to me. But I felt it. In the way he watched me when he didn't think I was looking. The smile he gave me that he didn't give anyone else. I hope.. without getting my hopes up.

Fast forward to a warm Friday night in Spring. My friends and I were having an impromptu party. A friend (who still lived at home) was going to be home alone. No parents and huge liquor cabinet. I was to understand there would be guys there and I was single. So I thought �I'm going to look cute.. but I'm going to try to not make myself look desperate�. I put my long curly brown hair up in a ponytail (in a ribbon). I framed my hazel eyes in black liquid �cat eye� eyeliner. I was wearing ruby red lipstick that matched my vintage-looking �Lucky Charms� baby-tee. A short pleated black vinyl miniskirt. Knee high socks that were purposefully mismatched and a pair of black Doc Martens with neon pink laces. My bra and panties were satin. Leopard print with black lace trim and little black bows. Ya' know. Just in case anything fun happened.

I arrived a little late to discover... there were no guys. Ah well. No loss, really. We all crowded into the basement and opened a bottle of Pucker and a bag of skunk weed to watch bad horror movies. We all had a pretty good buzz on when my friend's mom came home and went ballistic. There was no denying the smell. Or the empty bottle on the coffee table. Oops! Needless to say we all had to leave. But the night was young and some of us decided to hit the bowling alley.

I was a little let down to not see Jeff anywhere. But we hit the in-house restaurant and grabbed a table, trying to keep the party going. It was just not to be. Some of the girls got texts from their parents telling them to get home (they had spoken to our friend's mom about smelling weed in the basement.. and most of us still lived at home.. busted!) and that just kinda killed the mood for everyone. Slowly the group dissipated and I was alone. But not for long.

I was texting my friends and checking up on them.. seeing how much trouble they were in.. when that familiar scent hit my nostrils. Drakkar Noir. I looked up from my phone and there was Jeff. Sitting at my table. �Hello Zoey!� I smiled. Big. �Jeff! What's up mister?� Jeff leaned in and gave me a peck on my cheek. Within about 3 seconds my face began to match my shirt.

�What's a pretty girl like you doing in a dump like this?� This was officially the first time Jeff said anything that sounded like he actually noticed me in any meaningful way. I was over the moon. And I did something I had always hated hearing other girls do. I giggled. �Fuck!� I thought. I felt like an idiot immediately. A giggle? Was I high? Oh wait.. yeah I was. If he noticed he was a good sport about it and didn't react. We hung out and talked for about 15 minutes. Talked! Jeff was the quiet type. This was the most talking I'd heard him do since I met him. I found myself sitting in the seat next to him. Hanging on his every word. Giggling. Again. I was acting like a complete idiot. If I had seen someone else acting the way I was around him I would have told them to get a room.

Jeff had been bowling at the other end of the alley but was on his way out when he saw me and decided to say hello. I admitted to my activities earlier in the evening and said I was bored. That I had nothing to do but go home. You could have knocked me over with a feather when Jeff invited me to come hang out at his place. �You should at least wait for that marijuana smell to dissipate before heading home, Zoey�. My reaction went something like �w-w-well I.. I mean.. well yeah ok.. I-I mean if you you think that would b-be cool. Yeah. Ok. Yeah.�

I followed as close to him as I could. I actually red a couple of lights to make sure I didn't lose his car. No way I was letting that happen. Jeff lived in a quiet neighborhood. In a really nice house. It actually seemed to be a little too big for him. I followed him up the walk way nervously. Making stupid small talk. I think all the blood in my body was in my ears at this point. They felt like they were on fire. Once inside I could smell his cologne strongly. Drakkar and... cinnamon? Air freshener, I think.

We sat on the couch in his den and made more small talk before a really awkward silence. Which he broke by turning on the television. As the screen became clear I immediately thought to myself �bachelor�... as only 2 seconds later it became unmistakable. Jeff had been watching porn before he left the house. I tried hard not to laugh as he grabbed for then fumbled his remote control. Something came over me. His normally stoic demeanor changed to that of a horny college kid. I felt emboldened. He tried to apologize but I stopped him. �Can we watch this?� I smiled. His nervously demeanor slowly changed. He laughed it off and replied �ok!� like it was something funny to do. I played along.

He had been watching a video where �unwitting� (yeah right) girls would go to interviews for �modeling agencies� that turned out to be porn �auditions�. �Innocent� girl. Nice guys that turned pushy. The old familiar �fake audition� formula. We made a few jokes. Laughed a little. Up to the point where the �agent� and his cohort were standing on either side of the interviewee rubbing their peens on her face telling her that she was a �little slut�. I made a comment like �oh she's a happy girl� and smiled devilishly. Just to see how Jeff would react. It had the desired affect. Jeff smoothly found his way closer to me on the couch. Casually dropping a couch pillow on his lap to disguise his excitement.

I decided to get bolder. A lot bolder. I waited for a few minutes and then �non-nonchalantly� (chatantly then?) lifted my skirt (if you know anything about vinyl skirts.. they're not quiet) and slid my hand into the front of my panties. Making sure to keep it all in plain view. I slowly began to masturbate in front of Jeff, wondering what he would do. I darted my eyes left quickly to see Jeff's eyes as wide as saucers. I bite my bottom lip and looked directly at him. �You wanna help?� I cooed. He sheepishly leaned closer and when he got within rage I planted my lips on his. His kisses were soft at first.. but I could feel his frustration grow. His kisses became more aggressive. His hands began to wander. A little too slowly for me. So I took them and planted them on my chest.

Jeff massaged my chest and then decided to peel my baby tee off. He then began to kiss all over my chest, my shoulders and my neck. Pinching at my nipples through the soft satiny fabric of my bra. I rolled my head back and moaned as he worked my tits with his hands and his mouth. �How old are you again Zoey?� he smirked.. �18� I whispered. Jeff moaned and demanded �oh fuck, say that again baby�.. �18� I smiled. His strong hand found mine and dragged it closer to him. My breath caught in my throat as he placed my hand on his lap. �Huge� was the very first thought I had. He was hard as a rock and throbbing through his pants. I immediately found myself getting wet. I stroked him through his pants as he let out a low deep groan. I went for broke.

I leaned in close and whispered �I want to suck your cock, Jeff� in his ear. I could feel it jump under my hand as soon as I said it. Using the most seductive voice I could muster I whispered �I want it in my mouth�. Jeff wasted no time. He slid my hand aside and unzipped himself, unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down onto the floor. What came next was unexpected and oh so welcome. He grabbed me by my ponytail. Hard. He firmly demanded �get on your knees, Zoey�.. I found myself kneeling before I even made the decision to do so. He dragged my head close by my hair and began to rub himself all over my face. I was in ecstasy. The fat velvety head felt hot against my cheek. His musk filled my nostrils. I wanted him in my mouth bad. But I let him stroke his dick against my face. Until He pulled me back to eye level with it.

I could see a large bead of precum forming on the tip. I gazed up at him and slowly leaned closer. I pushed out my tongue and gently licked the precum off of his cock. sweet. Smooth. It felt amazing in my mouth. And I wanted more. Jeff rolled his head back and let out a low �fuuuck� as I licked the head of his dick clean. I wrapped my lips around it and slowly slid it between my lips. Savoring his hard silky cock. I could feel his hand on my tits. Pinching at them again. Which only drove me on. I began to bob on him. Gently slurping. Cupping and caressing his heavy balls. �Fuck Zoey, suck that cock sweetheart� Jeff crooned.

On my knees sucking his cock and feeling sexy and emboldened I whispered up to him �I wanna be your slut, Jeff�. �Oh fuck, Zoey. You are. You're my dirty little slut� he shot back. His words echoed in my ears. I began to get creative. Popping it out of my mouth I slapped it against my tongue before dropping lower and sucking his balls. His moans pushed me on. Taking his cock back in my mouth I took it as far in as I could. Working him deeper until I felt his hand on my head. He pushed my head down until his dick was all the way in my throat. I fought the urge to choke for as long as I could but eventually I failed. I started to gag on it.

This only excited him more. �Fuck yes. Gag on that cock�. Matching the language now being used on his television. Jeff thrusted into my face. Humping harder every time I choked. �Take it bitch� he demanded. And then.. it happened. I orgasmed. And not gently. Hard. I hadn't been touching myself. Nor had he. But the way he talked to me. His raw aggression. It had been turning me on the whole time. And he knew it.

My thighs convulsed. My abdomen spasmed. It was all I could do to keep his dick in my mouth. To keep sucking. I was almost immediately aware that I was wearing wet panties. I could feel it running down my thigh. Jeff had been bucking his hips the whole time. And as I neared the end of my orgasm I felt it. His dick began to jump. To spasm. His grip on my hair tightened to the point that it was almost painful. His breath quickened and.... my mouth was flooded.

He held my head in place as he groaned and cursed. Powerful jets hit the back of my throat. One after another. My cheeks began to bulge out. I tightened my lips so as to not let anything out. As his breathing slowed I began to pump him with my hand. When I was sure he was done I popped him out of my mouth. He went to grab for the tissue on his end table but I started tapping on his thigh, shaking my head. �Mmm Mmm!� I protested with my mouth full. He gazed down at me and I smiled. I tilted my head back slightly and opened my mouth, showing him his cum. His eye widened and a silent �fuck� formed on his lips. Again I smiled.. and gulped. Swallowing his massive load. Jeff let out an astonished groan and another �fuuuck!�. I leaned in and began to lick the head oh his cock clean as he confessed to me that no one had ever swallowed his cum before.

�Dude... what?� I replied. Apparently none of his ex girlfriends from when he was younger nor his recently ex wife had ever even allowed him to cum in their mouths before. Let alone swallow it. I invited him to cum in my mouth any time he wanted. And he took me up on that several times in the not too distant future.

Jeff and I hooked up a lot after this. But not that night. That night I was late getting home. And I had to go. I kissed his dick goodbye and found my shirt before he and his softening cock walked me to the door and I got in my car. With wet panties and a wonderful taste in my mouth I started the engine.

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