Do Germans consider themselves blunt

Historically speaking German "superiority" might have been responsible. When after 1871 we made great progress in Engineering, Chemistry, Medicine, Physics, Military Technologies, and even the Liberal Arts we became obnoxious in our self-esteem. Remember your school days and Emanuel von Geibel: "Am deutschen Wesen soll die Welt genesen". Utterly conceited, I have difficulty translating the little rhyme (maybe, "expect the world to recover because of Germany's mind and soul").

But, to answer your question: Yes, Germans are "blunt", love to analyze and lecture on every conceivable social, administrative, political and even religious issue. When we do this, we feel we "contribute" because we share personal "insights", we wish to start a stimulating discussion.

Americans by contrast are the exact opposite. They do not touch on any controversial subject, unless there is a wide consensus already. Viz everybody has read or seen the answer in yesterday's paper or on TV (with perhaps the German view on this, why bother, totally boring, water under the bridge).

So the advice to my German compatriots, in future ask an American, did he watch "the game last night"? Do not question, that almost 30% have no health insurance.

You are looking at a massive culture clash. We were brought up each in our world. I have had frustrated Germans express that supposedly Americans are superficial ("do nice"), hide in the shelter of their group experiences, reluctant to share personal problems, and even that Americans are afraid of the commitments that come with a long lasting friendship.

On the other side of the spectrum, Americans can certainly do without the unsolicited "advice" and "insights" from a German they have just met for the first time, especially if that comes "in your face", with an almost total lack of courtly elegance and common courtesy.