Can a guy call his sister cute

I’m slightly confused on my relationship with one of my male friends. I’m currently in college & over the last year or so I’ve developed a close knit group of friends that we refer to each other as family(brothers/sisters). However, one of the guys in the group, I had a brief crush on before we really established ourselves to each other as brother & sister. As we’ve gotten to know each other even more over the last year, our bond has grown & I’m confused on what we really are because of the “brother” “sister” title. He says I’m his baby sister but I occasionally wonder if he sees me in a different light or has thought of the possibility of us being more but has never said anything. He said I was most important to him. Whenever I need him, he’s there.
Whatever I need, he tries his best to make it happen. He’s always checking on me. He teases me(play fights, tickling). I’ve spent the night in his room once. He has even treated me to ice cream before( just the two of us). He gives me long hugs. Most nights, we text until the wee hours of the morning. And occasionally, I catch him just looking at me & when he notices me looking at him in return, he’ll just look away. We also had a discussion one day & it was kind of heavy, I couldn’t manage to look him directly in the eyes so he said “look at me while you’re talking.” I was also leaving for a trip home one day & he stayed up until 3am(the time I was leaving) to tell me to have a safe trip. He also has told me, “you’re the most adorable thing ever”, “you’re so cute” and other things similar to that. I feel bad for my slight crush since we are supposed to be “close friends/ bro & sis” but with all of the things he does, I’m just wondering if he looks at me as being more than his “baby sister”. We keep nothing from one another, no secrets, we tell each other everything & we have discussed our past crushes/flings with one another but I’d still like to know what you all think. Are we just “bro/sis” or does he like me?
*typed from my phone so please excuse any errors*