Are baby boomers interested in antiaging

Baby Boomers are adults who were born during an 18-year period that began in 1946.

Today they range in age from their mid-50s to low 70s. Within this market segment, however, there are differences from the younger to the older group. Even before reaching their 50s, most baby boomers have seen their hair turn grey, while their skin becomes looser and develops wrinkles. And weight is more of an issue as maintaining or losing pounds becomes more of a challenge. One result of these changes is an increase in their desire for anti-aging products and services.

Women are not the only buyers of Beauty and Body products.

Unlike their parents’ generation, a surprising and growing number of baby boomer men are embracing and consuming them too. Significantly, while about the same size population as the younger millennials segment, baby boomers as a group have more money and buying power.

The Importance of Beauty and Skincare

Beauty is a broad term that refers to the entire look that a person presents to the public.  Skincare is how one takes care of their skin to keep it healthy. Cosmetics or makeup is used to enhance one’s appearance, often with the goal of making skin feel smooth, “glow” or “shimmer” to make it more beautiful. Beauty has an important impact on health, self-worth and happiness.

Baby Boomer Beauty Market Landscape

There are a wide range of products that can be applied to all the parts of one’s body — literally from head to toe. Then there are those which can be ingested, to promote good health from the inside out. The following content provides a sense of the scope of this market and may help you to reach this large and affluent segment.

Beauty Products Overview